Sunday, 23 May 2010

Podcast panel doodles!

Last day of Bristol Expo!
I was in the audience during a podcast talk with several panelists.
Decided to sketch them.

Quick doodle of them while they were listening to another person talk.
Realized they looked TOO SERIOUS.

So I did a better representation of them.


And a random doodle while listening:


  1. I didn't know Sami was in the comic panel!

  2. I love this, Jennie! I'm going to post it on my website and give it a shout out on my podcast, Comic News Insider, if that's cool.

    This is Jimmy Aquino, the lone American on the panel today. :)

  3. Oh! Shout away! :D I'd love to hear it when/if it's aired! *goes to check homepage*

  4. We record every Tuesday night in NYC and it's usually available by 10 or 11pm EST. So, Wednesday morning for you. Check it out this Weds and you'll hear it! :)

  5. I think I might explode from excitement :D Thank yooooou!

  6. No problem! You know, I just interviewed a Swedish cartoonist and recommended his GN recently. Simon Gardenfors. Loves his book, 120 Days of Simon. Great stuff.

  7. *reposts*

    Checked him out. I love the concept of his book! Might have to get it from Amazon.

  8. I like the doodle of me in the end. It's uncanny!


  9. Top Shelf Comics has a few other Swedish cartoonists working w/ them. I picked up some of their work at MoCCA in NYC recently. Great stuff! Simon's book is really fun. Hope you enjoy!