Sunday, 30 May 2010

Uh-oh, Rough.

Sketch to be cleaned up.

Characters from left to right: Voresh, Omran, Faruq.
All in trouble!

Away with thee, art block!

Trying to just sketch the artblock away...

*grind grind grind*

My head slammed into a sudden artblock yesterday and I've been struggling to produce anything since then.

But the show must go on.

Monochrome page of Skal. This is a safety-scan, in case I mess it up in the future :P

Friday, 28 May 2010

Moarrr because moaaarrr!

Some rubbish photos of more progress on the paintings.

If this doesn't go tits-up, I will use this image alongside a blurb for my story at the final exhibition :D

Monochrome jailcell is beginning to take shape. Still early days though.

Also designing the merchants HQ in the back of a dodgy opium den.
Hope to get some sketches/paintings of that up soon.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Photos of progress (and birds)

Hoping to finish these by tomorrow (have a tutorial!):

The red one is about A2 in size... Which may be an issue when I scan. Hrm.

These dudes keep me company during the day:

Hoodie = Perfect Poo Protection.

Here are the times and dates for the London Exhibitions!

D&AD New Blood 2010
(With Graphic Design, and a limited show)
The Old Truman Brewery
15 Hanbury Street
London E1 6QL

Industry Private View on Thursday 24th June 2010
Continues until Monday 28th June 2010
10am to 6pm daily

And the Coningsby Gallery,
(Just illustration so more substantial show than D&AD - but smaller than UWE show)
30 Tottenham Street
London W1T 4RJ

Private View on Monday 5th July 2010 (6:30-9pm)
Continues until 9th July 2010
10am to 6pm daily

(Taken from Mithi's blog which you should go and have a look at!)

White or OffWhite Lineup. That is the question.

First of all, These two examples are Rrrrough. Incredibly rough. Just thrown together in Photoshop to demonstrate the difference.

I'm struggling to choose between two sets of scans.
One is a Whiter scan where the colour of my watercolour paper isn't visible.

The other scan is Off-white, clearly showing the true colour of the paper I work on.

Question is.
Which one is better?

Also, keep in mind that these characters will be cut out individually for the exhibition. There will be no borders.

WHITE: Click me!

OFF WHITE: Click me!


OFF WHITE (without the borders): Click me!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Faruq does the walk, and Jen is mentioned in a podcast!

Here's the last bloody lineup I'll be doing for the exhibition! Again, the image is too large for my home scanner, so excuse the poor quality. I'm going to take the pictures to Uni tomorrow to scan them properly. Have a Faruq (with changed face):

In other news!
Who would've thought that the doodles I did during the Bristol Comic Con --> These Ones. would get me a little mention in the Comic News Insider podcast!?

Click me!

The lovely Jimmy Aquino (the dude who likes boobs in my previous sketch) mentions me at around 10 minutes into the podcast. Feel free to have a little listen at him trying to pronounce my surname :D

I almost spluttered out my coffee while listening. Win! :D

Bristol Exhibition times!

Click Me for information regarding my yeargroup's final exhibition in Bristol!

There are two more in London later on. But for now, those are the dates for the Bristol show.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Rough sketch of Skal Blurb.

Here's the first rough sketch of a possible poster-like image for Skal that would go together with a blurb.

The cleaned up and detailed version is too big for my home scanner. I'll scan it at Uni or something. :P

Speedpaint of TomTom.

Here's a little painting of TomTom for his blog.

Lineups and alleyways.

Again, bad scans due to the paintings actually not fitting in my scanner.

Aaaand a quick monochrome re-painting of the alleyway. I found the sketch and just had to paint over it.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Lineup: Zabahiev.

This one barely fits in my home scanner, so it's a bit blurry. Will scan it properly at Uni later.

Summary of Bristol Con.

And I was supposed to show my portfolio to get some feedback.
But instead I just found myself staring at amazing people, looking like a lemon.

Oh well..


Sunday, 23 May 2010

More Skal Lineups.

Back to business.

Here's two more characters for the lineup I've got planned for the exhibition.

Voresh doing what she does best. Fleeeeee~!

A bit of colour fail with Mushirah, but I'm gonna rework a few things.
She is of course also doing what she does best. Drinking.

A sketch by John Burns!

Here's a sketch I got from John Burns!
I was standing behind him, peering over his shoulder as he drew this...!
He's a legend.

I hope I didn't come off as too fangirly, because DAMN I was THIS close to hugging him.

And so concludes my visit to the Bristol comic expo! It has been brilliant.
Now I have to get back to work again.

Expect the usual on this blog from now on ;D

Podcast panel doodles!

Last day of Bristol Expo!
I was in the audience during a podcast talk with several panelists.
Decided to sketch them.

Quick doodle of them while they were listening to another person talk.
Realized they looked TOO SERIOUS.

So I did a better representation of them.


And a random doodle while listening:

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Jedi Jen!

I commissioned a lovely artist to do a little sketch of me as a hippie Jedi. :D

I... can't remember her name for the life of me. Need to ask her tomorrow. Sigh. So bad with names...

Bristol comic con! Here I come!

Due to this weekend being dedicated to the Comic Convention right here in Bristol, I will be a bit... away, trying to show my portfolio and generally meeting brilliant people.

It's... A bit terrifying, because I'm all on my own. But I will TRY.
For anyone who's there. I've got my Butterflies and Moths stuff on the Insomnia table as you enter the Small Press con. It's in little plastic holders on the table. Don't be scared to flick through!

And for anyone who wants to chat. This is me:

See you there tomorrow!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Part of Lineup.

A bit crazy here right now. Moving my stuff home from the studio. But.. Here's at least one little character painting. Going to be part of a long lineup.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Lots and lots to do!

Many paintings and sketches at Uni at the moment... Trying to get my head around the entire final show and what to display. Argh.

Not panicking.

Here's a doodle for Roleplay:

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Painting on the new paper.

Omran, repainted on the hot pressed watercolour paper!

Aaaand, CLICK MEEE for a desert-caravan-painting scene thing... It's been kicking my bum for three days now... And it didn't even fit in the scanner in the end. The original painting is almost A2 in size.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Painting and sketch.

Painting on hot pressed watercolour paper PROPERLY for the first time! It's CRAZY awesome. Jeeeebus. I can't believe I was using that other tat before!

aaaand a sketch of Celthric, as a way to relax.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

New assembled kit!

Woop! I've finally managed to get enough kit to be able to put it in a box!

Lovely lovely watercolour! And gouache. And ink. And pastels. Now I've just got to start using it all.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Okay, last one!

MOAR -- Okay I need a break.

This is just to show how I get used to a new character. continous sketches of them..!

Now I must eat.


And as you may have noticed, Omran (the dude) is inspired by this fellah, looks wise:

Break from painting!

lern2paint lolz.

Just when I think I MIGHT begin to understand watercolour, it throws something unexpected in my face and I'm back to square one.

Gotta love chaotic mediums, eh?