Friday, 30 July 2010

Thief fellow, rendered.

Now two more to go, and then another character to sketch out. I'm thinking a fat merchant. :D

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Moved house! No internet! But getting back to work.

W00t! Moved house and slowly getting my ass in gear.

Here are some linedrawings of characters that will be pencil-rendered for my portfolio.

Should be getting internet next week. Until then, I update sporadically (ie: when I can steal internet from somewhere)

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

EDITED: Testing testing..! Type and cover.

Edited this post to show yet another version with more type.

I don't feel like I was made for typography at all, but I'll do my best. :)

Writing with Watercolour.

The obvious first choice for writing is ink.
So what will it look like if I use watercolour!? :O

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

EDITED: First scan of Chapter 1 cover.

This image has been stitched together by using two separate scans. I hope it doesn't show.

Consider this my 'safety scan incase I mess up from here on'


Decided to spend 30 seconds just slapping on the rough type to see what it would look like :D For fun.

Wondering how big I should make the type. And if I should paint it.< Hm. Decisions decisions.


It was only when I scanned that I realize how fail these eyes are.

Is she staring in a weird direction?
Is the cropping a bit off?
Does she look crosseyed?



Large version of a portrait~

That is going to be on the Skal site when it launches as part of the 'cast' section.

Will obviously be a lot smaller on the actual site XD

Monday, 19 July 2010

Moving this week..!

Argh! I'm so sorry for being quiet on here!
I've been exceptionally busy packing and organizing various boring grown up things.

One of the less boring bits was making an actual work schedule for next week.
That's when I will get stuck in again (in a new house).

Sorry again for being lame this week and the last!

Here's a rough typeface test for my story's title.

I hope it's legible and delivers that sort of deserty-middle eastern-fantasy feel I'm going for :P


Sunday, 11 July 2010

Avatar commission in progress. (EDIT)

Playing around with colourbalance a bit. Mostly failing. Potatoshop is still something to conquer. :P

Internet issues gone, and back from London!

I am officially BACK from London and my 3 year degree is OVER. I am DONE. FINISHED. COMPLETED.

You get the picture.

Here are some doodles from various places in London:

Busts from the National Portrait Gallery. One is unfinished because I had to leave.

Tom's amazing drawing of me. ....

My friend's bike. (and some weird London agent lady with a huge cowboy hat)

El making me pancakes in the morning. And a sketch of her fluffy sausage dog-thing called Xenopus (did I spell it right?)

Rich and El, sketching in a sofa in a coffee shop with me. :D