Tuesday, 30 November 2010

First sketches from the dog shelter:

It's very difficult to sketch outside right now because of the brutal cold, but I did manage to quickly get two dogs down:

If you're curious as to why I'm sketching dogs in kennels, have a look at my latest reportage project:

First visit to Bath's Cats and Dogs Home.

and the follow up: Second visit.

Just blogging everything right now and planning on creating a little reportage around it after I've spent some time there. So once the drawings and paintings start coming, I'll post here. :)

A panel that didn't make it :P

This panel had to be cut out. Hopefully won't affect the story TOO much :D

Skal page 2 from Chapter 1.

Pheeeew. Worked my bum off this evening to try to get Skal done. Been so busy with other things.
But here it is:

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Coloured Inks! Experimenting on Skal.

Holy smokes. Coloured inks! Where have you been all my life!?

Having tons of fun with this! Can't keep within the lines for shit, but I guess that's part of me by now. Can't. Be. Tidy.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Customer Feedback at Boston Tea Party in Bath:

Guess who?

Page 1 from Chapter 1 of Skal:

Phreeewewwe.r.e.re.r... I've been stupidly busy trying to get this one up on time after the madness of graduation.

I'm obviously not entirely happy with it, but that goes for pretty much everything I do :P
AM happy to have tackled some of my drawing phobias though!
Much more of city-stuff to come. (*sob*)

Very tempted to try out inks now.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Fruit and veg jewellery progress!

Here are some more progress shots of the earrings.

Have some old stuff while I create the new stuff!

Dug up some old comics based on my life :P

(this one's pretty much word for word of my stupidity)

Graduation over. Time to catch up on work.

My entire stash of jewellery (Jewelery.. What's the spelling?) was bought off me at my graduation, so I've spent this evening starting up a new one.

Need to buy colour tomorrow, but here's the progress so far:

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Next week's Skal will be delayed due to my Graduation.

(This one was drawn before yesterday's graduation :P)

I just haven't had the time to sit down and draw, let alone paint...!
So I'll get back in the groove once all the stuff has settled down, my friend has left etc.

Mucho apologies!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Reason for silence: Graduation!


I have finally properly graduated from University! Here are a few random photos. If you are unfortunate enough to have me as a friend on facebook, you have already been exposed to my spam of all the pictures and videos :P

First of all. This one's for granny:

She said that if she'd been able to make it, she would've given me a bunch of red roses, so here they are!

Tack farmor!

Me on stage, being congratulated by the head... honcho. dude.

Happy with Tom :D

Getting prepped. :P With tongue out. As usual.

Rich and me. :D One of my best mates!

A lot of people from our Illustration year! I'm on the far right.

Woop woop!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Skal gets reviewed and Butterflies and Moths gets mentioned!

In the latest episode of the awesome comic-book podcast: Small Press Big Mouth, pretty much all of the previous Insomnia Publication creators get a mention, to update the public on what happened after the publishing company imploded. So among these mentions you can find Butterflies and Moths, written by Corey Brotherson and painted by me. Very nice words said, left me blushing :D

As if that wasn't enough awesomeness, my online story Skal gets a short review closer to the end of the podcast where the lovely Lee Grice goes through the blurb and tells his thoughts about the artwork etc. :) As there isn't much story yet, it's kind of difficult to review it so early on.

This is the first review I think I've had for something that's completely my own.

Want to know what it's like?

Fucking Terrifying.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Slowly back on track after tummy-bug mayhem.

Haven't drawn properly for about 4 days or so. This is my first serious attempt.

Concept sketch for a Swedish RPG company:

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Headband... On head!

I had to remove the fan-jewellery bits on the ends because they kept on slapping my ears. So note for next time, sew them higher up to avoid damage to ears.

Here the headband is on my head anyway! Accompanied by flowers and spun wool.

I'm taking it out today for a spin to see if it actually stays on.

Ending with the must have stupid-face. :P

Looking forward to getting back to drawing tomorrow. Been ill for a few days.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Nominations for The Webcomic List Awards 2010!


If you like my online story called Skal, why not nominate it for this year's Webcomic List Awards by clicking here?

Yes, this is some self-promotion going on, but what have I got to lose, eh!? :D

Skal - Page 17.

Special thanks to Matt Gibbs for taking the time to call me and help me sort out some of the dialogue.

This was a very difficult page because I have to show two guards having a sort of conversation as a sort of voice over.
Not sure if I made that clear, or if the dialogue makes sense, but I damn well tried :)

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Another sketchie~

Just another sketch to get used to the 'new' character.

A haaaand!

Taken from the Cast section of my comic. :P http://www.jenniegyllblad.com/cast.html

Friday, 5 November 2010

Upcoming character... And some ninjas..!

Here's a sketch of an upcoming character for Skal:
(anyone who played Arelith with me should know who she is ;D)

Linework of three small ninjas for my website commission:

Jen's studio!

Welcome to my workplace!

It changes on a daily basis. :P I have loads of a4 cheap copy paper with rough sketches everywhere (as you can see up on the boards). They spread around the room (and sometimes the house :P) which isn't really appreciated.

A French watercolour storybook, held open by my favourite potato vodka.

Charles Vess' book to the left of my computer. (with some commissioned chibi ninjas... o_O)

Opaque thick medium to the left. Oil and Acrylics. Inks, chinese watercolour and gouache on the right in the little spice-rack thingey. 'Wetbox' on the bottom by the covered up monitor. Basically my set of watercolour that is kept wet at all times, using a pipette.