Thursday, 27 May 2010

White or OffWhite Lineup. That is the question.

First of all, These two examples are Rrrrough. Incredibly rough. Just thrown together in Photoshop to demonstrate the difference.

I'm struggling to choose between two sets of scans.
One is a Whiter scan where the colour of my watercolour paper isn't visible.

The other scan is Off-white, clearly showing the true colour of the paper I work on.

Question is.
Which one is better?

Also, keep in mind that these characters will be cut out individually for the exhibition. There will be no borders.

WHITE: Click me!

OFF WHITE: Click me!


OFF WHITE (without the borders): Click me!


  1. James/Calassus27 May 2010 at 15:27

    In that format, I think the consistent flow of white-into-white makes the "White" Scan look better.

    However, as standalone images, I think there is a lot more character and flair to the off-white background. So, given that you're cutting them out and displaying them individually, and can thus make the entire background consistently off-white, I think "Off-White" Scan is better =)

  2. Hey James! :D

    Yeah. I asked my man too, and he said that the off-white would be best since it shows the scanner has got all the details and not 'bleached' it.

    I'm gonna try removing the off-white borders now since they are distracting.

  3. Definitely Off-white. *nod nods*

  4. AND SO SHALL IT BEEEE. *thunderbolts and lightning*

  5. Oh yes ... off-white without borders ... oh yes ...

  6. The Oracle has Spoken.

    *will be using off-white*