Friday, 9 May 2014

Skal is on Patreon! ... Now what the heck does THAT mean?

Good morning lovelies!

Now, if you follow me on the social media networks where I am very active (unlike this poor neglected blog), you may have noticed that I frequently bring up Patreon along with Work-In-Progress shots of Skal.

What the heck IS Patreon? Well, here's the official video which explains it in just one minute:

So yes! Patreon is a new funding platform that is there to support content creators online. It is NOT like Kickstarter/indiegogo! It does not involve one huge sum of money for one big project, but instead focuses on long term support for a creator with little 'tips' each time they upload content (in my case, a new Skal page). This is the main difference that I can't emphasise enough, and why I have been SO excited about it.

Let me tell you where I come from on this, so that you understand that my excitement isn't just a caffeine hyped squeal that'll pass in a few hours, but actual proper CHANGE for me as an artist. ... After about 5 years of trying to do this art-thing as a career.

Right now, my main income is roughly a 50/50 split between commissioned work (paintings, costume designs, character designs, you name it) and comic book artwork. I've been able to scrape by on my own for over 4 months, JUST on my art income alone. Something which I am extremely proud over! People who know me are aware that I am constantly on the line however, and at some point I may have to go back to a 'normal' part-time job again.

Before I was introduced to Patreon, I didn't touch my main personal project Skal for over a year, simply because I couldn't afford to spend my precious time on a project that wasn't paying me in any way. Also, the fact that I stuck with the standard webcomic tradition of keeping the story free to read online, didn't exactly help me financially. Skal languished on the backburner while my paid work had to take priority.

I would have people frequently prodding me both online and at conventions about Skal, asking when the heck I was going to continue the story, and I could never give a definite answer. I hated coming off as some kind of flake, and being constantly reminded of the one comic that I desperately wanted to do, but never had time to, was frustrating to say the least.


Joining Patreon finally gave me the push I needed to get crackin' with my fantasy story! It's still early days. I've only been active for a bit over 2 weeks, but the interest and the patrons I've received have inspired me to the point where I'll now spend most of my day thinking about Skal and being overjoyed that I can paint it!

Patreon also acts as a good test platform for my own project, simply by the way it's designed with the power being with the patrons. A patron chooses how much he or she wants to support me, and they can adjust the amount they want to pledge at any time, even simply removing their support if they don't like where the content is going. So it's like a real-time test of the public's reaction to my story. It's not like a Kickstarter where you would pledge a bunch of money, and then have to trust that something will be delivered in the future.

With Patreon, I get nothing if I don't produce artwork. So it's instant reward for both the artist and the patron. Pledges start at $1, which is about 59p.

And I haven't even rambled on about the 'Milestone Goals' and the 'Patron-Only' rewards! I'll keep it brief! .... Well, I'll try!

You can check out the Goals themselves on my page here: They are pretty self-explanatory. The concept of having goals to reach and showing what the creator will be able to do if they get there, is very clever!

The fun bit is the 'Patron-Only' rewards! Even though Skal itself is, and always will be, free to read online, as a show of gratitude for the support I get, I offer doodles and other little things in the Patron Only section of the site. It's a brilliant concept where you can personally interact with your patrons and have a little private 'forum' going on. Due to the content of Skal, I made one of my patron rewards focus around some nudity! So for pretty much every page that goes up publicly, there is a private NSFW doodle being posted for my patrons. (Censored example below)

Depending on what happens in the future, I have other things planned for this section of the site. But I'll keep that under wraps for now! I don't want to get ahead of myself.

I am currently aiming to finish between 1-2 pages a month, with the number maybe increasing depending on how much interest there is in my story. The more people like it and support it, the more I am able to produce. There's no middleman other than a small fee to Patreon itself that is deducted from my earnings every month (around 8%), so supporters know that all the pledges go straight to me. It is a simple, but very effective system!

Gosh, I'd best get back to painting the next page! We're about to introduce another character >:D

Find le JenJen on twitter: Jennie Gyllblad on Twitter

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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Pre-Con Character Commissions taken now! -- FOR THOUGHTBUBBLE 2013 --

Hello my lovelies!

I have decided to open up for pre-convention character commissions which you would be able to pick up at my table at Thoughtbubble in Leeds :)

So if you fancy having a painting or a sketch of your favourite comic/film/etc character, this could be a good opportunity for ya!

I am doing 18.5cm x 28cm (to fit an A4 frame) sized full colour paintings for £27.50, and sketches for £15.

Example of paintings:

Example of a sketch:

If you are interested, either contact me through Email:, Facebook: Jennie Gyllblad - Artist and Designer, or Twitter: @JennieGyllblad

Big Jen Love!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Apologies for the silence! Here's some doodles.

Last month was a bit intense, and it looks to continue in that fashion. Because I'm mainly working on things I can't show you, this blog has been a bit neglected :'(

But anyway! Here are some face doodles!

Friday, 31 May 2013

Jenspiration issue 2, cover!

Here's part of the cover for Jenspiration issue 2!

I'm taking pre-orders now which will include a lil doodle of your pretty face, should you want it ;)
For more info, head over here: Click me for information on pre-ordering!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

New Printing Service!

Hello my darlin's!

After getting some great advice from people at this year's Bristol Expo I've decided to trial a new printing service! I will be doing a general print run either every month or every other month (depending on demand) where you can have almost any of my art as a giclee print.

Have a look at some of my art on my site:

A4 prints will be £10 + postage, and A3 prints will be £25 + postage.
If you fancy a print of something, simply send me an email:


Thursday, 16 May 2013

Jenspiration Issue 2, out at the end of the month!

Hello my darlings!

Just like I did with my first print issue of Jenspiration, I am now taking pre-orders for the second issue and I will be doing doodles in them as a thank you for your support! :D

Pop over here and click on the button to pre-order a copy for yourself: CLICK ME :D And send me a photo of yourself or someone you like for me to sketch <3

Love ya!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Skal, Chapter 1, Page 3: Ink.

Alright folks, we're in business! As you may have heard on other social media, the Elysia Kickstarter got funded! So exciting times ahead! I'm going to be a full time comic book artist from now on. One of my side projects next to Elysia is my own story Skal.

So enough chat, let's get back to the drawing!

Skal: Page 3, inked.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Elysia: 86% funded with 10 days to go!

Woop! Both me and Serena are extremely humbled by all the support we've been getting for our Elysia kickstarter and we are edging closer to our target as each day passes! There's still a bit to go, but with more people sharing and pledging we'll have a greater chance of living our dream :D

Now, if you read one of my previous blog posts on the subject (more specifically: this one), you may remember me talking about another comic-related announcement. I've kept a bit quiet about it for a while due to nervously watching our kickstarter (while chewing my nails off), and I didn't feel like I should start shouting about comics unless the kickstarter proved that people were happy to support something I was part of.

I think it's pretty clear now that a few of you out there like Elysia (thank you!) and if everything works out, I will be drawing comics for a living. My main project will (obviously) be Elysia, but I will finally have the time to focus on another comic on the side:

(Chapter 1, Page 2)
Page 3 is on my desk right now, staring at me longingly :D
If you want to know more about Skal, pop over here:

Love you peeps! Stay classy <3

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Absinthe fairy!

A painting to show some love to my favourite alcoholic beverage! ... With a lil Steampunk twist :D