Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Steampunk My Coffee Shop! Before.

Well! I want to transform one of my regular coffee shops into a steampunk setting! Thus I need to map out all the characters that enter and photograph/sketch the interior/exterior of the place.

Here's a first quick doodle of the coffee shop from the outside before any steampunking has been applied.

Final Year of University has STARTED.

This is the beginning of the END. Final year. Final chance! Time to go nuts.

Here's my studio space (keep in mind I've only been there two days, so I haven't started properly placing drawings and inspiration on the walls etc.

Got to borrow Rich's hat! :D

My space is on the left. Rich is my neighbour.

And this is the bearded-troll Rich! Dare I say it's my closest drawing buddy!? DARE I?

Hrm. Insider.

Here's the brief plan of what I want to accomplish. I have my first tutorial tomorrow morning, so everything might change after that. But here's my INITIAL plan!

3 Week Mandatory project: Steampunk Coffee shop!
Graphic Short Story project: Panic Attack.
Main project: Graphic Novel, Butterflies and Moths.

Will scan my doodles tomorrow!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Line work in Wales.

Back from a weekend in Wales!
Here's some linework done inbetween gaming, socializing, eating and swimming.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Saturday, 19 September 2009

BnM. Splash page EXPERIMENT.

Yes. I decided to try something a bit different.

NO idea if people will like this. I've enjoyed painting it so far (it's not finished).

The caption on this image is going to be:

'Everything looks grey.'

Old 24 hour Comics!

Alright. These comics are quiiiite old, but I don't think I've posted links to them before.

For those of you who wonder what a 24 hour comic is... I shall point you towards Wikipedia.
24 Hour Comics

The first one was done with Ellen, my lovely little buddy!
because I did everything in colour and with texture, I didn't quite make it to 24 pages... But here it is!

24 Hour Comic numbah 1!

... Yes. this means you literally spend 24 hours drawing. No sleep. Sooo. You go a bit nutty.

Aaand. The next one was done with Rich, my other lovely troll buddy!

24 Hour Comic numbah 2!

Am planning to do another one at some point. Don't chicken out El! Muwaha.

A geeky part of me just had a little wee.

My name's on Wikipedia!

... El noticed this and sent it to me. I got excited. Is that a bit sad?

Friday, 18 September 2009

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

BnM. Smoking Butterflies. More progress..!

Just to show how bad I am at taking photos when it's dark outside. Here are two photos of the painting.

BnM. First sculpture!

This is what watching David Mack does to me!
I felt the need to sculpt something, randomly.

Here's the head of the main character from Butterflies and Moths.
Unfinished and unpainted (obviously).

BnM. MUST REDO Agragheah!!

Here is the page I really failed with and STILL feel the need to re-paint. Euuckckkk...



And here are the two last panels of the following page, where my scanner decided to have a party with Red.


BnM. Smoking Butterflies. Progress.

Being without masking tape (still), I am having to reuse old strips over and over again, until there is no stickiness left in them.

Here's one painting that hopefully won't crinkle up too much.

David Mack makes me want to sculpt things.

Currently having a bit of fun with some super sculpy. Will see if it turns out alright.

When I brought my Sculpting box out earlier, I found this among the tools and the clay:

Yes. I made this. ... I can't remember when.. And why.
Tom thought someone had put it in my box to curse me :D

Monday, 14 September 2009

BnM. Page rough.

Dead eyes are so difficult to draw.
In fact. EYES are difficult to draw!

Here's the rough of a page!
Will light box soon.

I am still frustrated with one of the earlier pages, so I'm just cracking on with these ones.

Can't wait to start painting this. I've got an idea in my head. Wanna see if I can get it out on paper.

But for some reason Bristol does not have Masking Tape! I've been into lots of stationary stores AND my local art shop. Nobody has masking tape! Disaster!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

BnM. More gangy things. :D

Just speedpaint to test.

Went a bit nuts with colour! Haha :D Had a bit too much fun with it! Must tone down..!

BnM. Quick gang sketches.

BIG thanks to RICH.

Much love to you Rich! For linking me this:


To all illustrators, character designers or the like out there... That is an absolute GOLD MINE for faces, people and different social groups. They are obviously very posed, but this is by far the best source of human-reference I have ever come across.

I am currently redesigning a few things in Butterflies and Moths, because of a huge inspiration kick. The gang is getting a bit of a makeover again.

Friday, 11 September 2009

BnM. Page 6-7 Roughs.

Yes, very rough. :D But hopefully you get the idea!

This is the one I spilled coffee over.

BnM. Struggling with one page...

... Pondering the possibility of starting over.

Promised myself I'd leave it for a few days and come back to it fresh, so I'll give it a chance, but honestly, I'm not sure I can work with this:

We'll see if I've changed my mind in a few days.
Until then, I'm continuing with my other pages.

Arelith: Character sketches.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009