Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Faruq does the walk, and Jen is mentioned in a podcast!

Here's the last bloody lineup I'll be doing for the exhibition! Again, the image is too large for my home scanner, so excuse the poor quality. I'm going to take the pictures to Uni tomorrow to scan them properly. Have a Faruq (with changed face):

In other news!
Who would've thought that the doodles I did during the Bristol Comic Con --> These Ones. would get me a little mention in the Comic News Insider podcast!?

Click me!

The lovely Jimmy Aquino (the dude who likes boobs in my previous sketch) mentions me at around 10 minutes into the podcast. Feel free to have a little listen at him trying to pronounce my surname :D

I almost spluttered out my coffee while listening. Win! :D

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