Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Parrot says: Oooo?

BnM. Colours and testers.

Still doing progress on: Pondering. I'm trying to work on my patience by slowly adding layers instead of splashing stuff on and chucking it in a corner. So far I'm really enjoying it.

Also, I've ordered two occupational wrist supports which should arrive in about a weeks time. I noticed I was getting a bit too used to having drawing cramps and when it started moving towards my wrists, I just put everything down and finally focused on trying to prevent any repetitive strain injuries that may occur in the future.

Will see if the wrist supports are good!

Here's a quick tester:
Flat and fast! Just to poke around with the glasses.

Depending on what feedback I get, I will do more proper paintings of this lady too.

Heatwave kills artists. :(

Yesterday was a very unproductive day, art-wise. Got some normal grown up things done, but just couldn't draw. Was baking from the heat.

Here's a tiny sketch from Arelith (Roleplaying).

Nothing special, but I'll try to get my brain back in motion today. So far the weather seems to have cooled a bit.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

ZOMG doodles!?

Doodles done while playing Battlestar Galactica the boardgame with a bunch of friends.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Pondering. In Progress.

Quick sketch done in-between being social today.

Ink over sketch...

First layer of paint...

And another layer... Thinking of just smacking on a background colour to see what happens, but thought it would be best to scan before I do that :D

Oops. Slight fail XD But fun to try!

Did I mention faces...?

Rubbish doodles of more faces!

Friday, 26 June 2009

Faces. Can never get tired of faces.

Trying to work on the faces. I personally like the sort of straight nose instead of the normal upnose I do.

Expressions. The Shocking Truth is revealed!

So I was asked, how I do expressions.

Err. Well. I am not sure your pretty innocent eyes are ready for this, but I guess I might as well come clean.

I use a lot of my own face when I'm indoors. The Mac has a lovely application called Photobooth which instantly takes your picture. Whenever I need a reference photo for a difficult hand or arm.. Or an expression I haven't got the foggiest how to draw, I tend to use a photo. Here are some examples.



'Say whaaaaa?'

'YOU took my cake!'

'Now you must die! Like this! *slit*'


Slight actual worry.

Holy sheeet.

From here (including hand-to-face): Expressions.
I'm not even going to upload the ones where I stand in ridiculous positions or flail my arms around, trying to get a picture of the troublesome joints.

Also, I recommend taking pictures of friends, since the more variation in faces, the better. Still have pictures of YOU RICH *points* somewhere around, making loads of expressions.

(Right. Cramps should be gone now. Should be able to draw more.)

BnM. Colour test 2.

Another colour test for a character.

Thats about... 2 or at maximum 3 layers of watercolour.

Tempted to throw in guache sometime soon.

BnM. Colour test.


Please ignore the crap scan. :P

Arelith: Cooking in Mayfields!

Doodle of cookie dough fight.

BnM. Character concept.

Only drawn this character twice. Both of them quick headshots, so this is by no means a finished concept... At all. :P

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Character concept.

Sketch of character for zeh job.

Just found it amusing that her description has a very similar coat to what I'm wearing IRL, so I thought I might steal the design a bit.


Added ink.


Sketching out furniture at the moment. Simple non-descriptive stuff.
These take a few seconds to doodle out. Love just scribbling sometimes. ... Err. Even though I actually scribble most of the time. Need to refine.

Refine Jen!


Very quick first rough of room layout.

Team Hoar 2!

Sketched yesterday. Again, I shall blame the port I had.

For those wondering what the hell those pictures are about :D It's my character and two friends in the Neverwinter Nights setting. The online RP server. Hoar is the god of Retribution, revenge and poetic justice!

They are three remarkably different characters, but they gather up and together THEY FIGHT CRIME!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Team Hoar!

Port! I blame you! I BLAME YOU.

Roughie. Drawing outside.

Neeeeeds a loooot of work. :P

Wohooo! I have a JOB!

Ladies and Gents. I have accepted a contract for an indie Graphic Novel called Butterflies and Moths which is to be published by www.insomniapublications.com ! Here's the blog of the writer I will be working with (Hi Corey!) http://cbrotherson.blogspot.com/

I've been sitting on some character sketches for a few days, but now when the deal is done, I can finally post some. Expect more to come. Much more.

These are the first rough doodles.


Based on zeh TRUTH.

Small version to fit in blog:

Larger version:
Click me!

You want roleplaying immersion?! Try being so INTO IT that you don't notice insects crawling over your neck. Yay.

Possible new banner, sketch.

Just had a random thought of a new banner for the blog. Nothing special.

Let's call it people-watching.

A little bit more colour.

Ah, I do like a little bit of impaling action in the morning.

Still really needing to work on contrast, and also experimenting with adding tactile objects to the page. That ribbon is supposed to be completely straight. Got a bit wobbly in the scanner. Oops. :D

Monday, 22 June 2009

BLEH! I will not give up on you yet! :D

Even though this is done on 170 gsm sketch-paper, I will struggle on and try to refine it. Practice practice!


Refine attempt two. Still rough.

Right, so because my first image was actually drawn on the wrong paper... I had to start over and decided to go a lot simpler and smaller.

This is the first paint rough of a small image I want to try to refine. Let's see if I can. :P

Supah rough.

Also! Working on business card now. Will post sketch of that when I get back from my lunch break.

EDIT: Aw, screw it. I'll add the first sketch now. :D

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Meme: Draw yourself as a Teenager.

Challenge from the Drawn! Illustration and Cartooning blog!.

Draw yourself like you were as a teenager!

Here's a sketch I did quickly.