Wednesday, 15 June 2011

More artwork found needing new homes!

The basement clearout continues! Here are some more sketches and paintings for sale. All of them originals, so they obviously haven't been edited or anything.

As I said before, I will be putting these on my official site as soon as I've coded it all. They will be presented better there.

Small quick painting of my RPG character Voresh with her neck scar. Watercolour, pencil. £2

Sketch of a Japanese lady. One of many small sketches done to prep myself for a commissioned painting with a Japanese theme. Pencil, colour pencil. £2

Another one of the small inspiration sketches for the Japanese commission. Pencil. £2

A personal favourite. Sketch of an RPG character called Cheshme. Tribal druid. Pencil. £40

Pirate character doodles! Watercolour and pencil. £20

The character portrait for Voresh on the Skal homepage. Watercolour and pencil. £15

The plague victim. Done for an RPG company in Sweden. (pic is a bit warped because it was taken at an angle) Gouache. £50

Dodgy deals. A quick watercolour scene between my thief and merchant character. £45

Alchemist, vendor. A character design sketch. Pencil. £35

Yet another personal favourite, only because it was so much fun to paint! Gouache and watercolour with inklines. £65

Steampunk teacup explorer. Watercolour, pencil. SOLD

... Yes, more coming!

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