Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Long time no spam!
We have successfully moved house and most things are in order, including my workspace, so I can get back to business now.

One thing I did notice when packing up to move was the fact that I've kept a lot of artwork. Sketches, paintings, doodles, you name it. So I'm going to put some of them up for sale on my homepage, but here is a sneak preview of some of them! (They will be better presented on my site when I code it)

Rorschach. Watercolour and pencil. £40

"Get out of my head!". Quick doodle. £10

A scarred Voresh having a bath. Watercolour and pencil. £40

An old comic-version of me. ... Made a bit thinner than I am :P But ssh! Artistic license! Watercolour, pencil. £40

Quick Voresh doodle from an RPG scene. Watercolour, pencil. £9

Character design. Watercolour, pencil. £35

Voresh from RPG. One of my old personal favourites. Watercolour, pencil, inklines. £60

Skal online cover. Watercolour, pencil, gouache. Done on textured paper. £120

WoW inspired troll shaman. Watercolour, pencil, gouache. £75

Another of my personal favourites. Thief scene. Watercolour, pencil. £50

I really like this character. Need to do more of him. Watercolour, pencil. £60

Red Bellydancer. Costume design. Watercolour, pencil. £60

Necromancer sketch. Pencil. £35

Rescue dogs from Bath Cats and Dogs home. Pencil. SOLD

Steamdrunk! Sketch. Pencil. £40

Manly man doodle. Pencil. £2

More to come!

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