Wednesday, 15 June 2011

And here is the final batch for the time being.

... Did I mention I keep a lot of drawings in my basement?

Alright, let's get these sorted out as well!

This one is quite dear to me because it is an example of me just experimenting and it turning out well (in my eyes). Plus it's one of the first paintings of the main character for Skal. Watercolour, gouache, pencil, textured paper. SOLD

One of many self-portraits done for a self-portrait challenge. Pencil. £15

Steampink~ Character design for a steampunk short story. Watercolour, pencil. £25

Experimental cover for Butterflies and Moths. Wasn't to be, so it was put aside. Watercolour, pencil. £55

I... Honestly have no idea what this is about. Markers. £20

Quick face doodle of a short-lived RPG character. Watecolour, pencil. £2

Quick rough painting of a character for a steampunk short story. Watercolour, pencil. £25

Rachel Brice inspired belly dancer. Watercolour, pencil. £45

Err. Don't ask. Because I seriously don't know. Markers. £27

Caricature with markers. £12

I'm~ Too sexy for my shirt~ Too sexy for my skirt~ Markers. £40

Wine visions. Markers. £30

TEA-Rex, geddit? huh? *nudge* watercolour, pencil. £35

Developmental sketch. Watercolour, pencil, inklines. £7

Period pains. Watercolour, pencil. £45

Busty tea-lady. Markers. £40

Steampunk mechanic costume design. Watercolour, pencil. £40

Snowy. Watercolour, inklines, pencil. On very old and crinkled paper, hence the price: £10

RPG scene sketch of spellcasting. Pencil £10

Actually can't ever really remember painting this or what it's for. But it's watercolour at least. £20

RPG scene quick painting. Watercolour, pencil, gouache. £15

Steampunk character concept for short story. SOLD

Quick sketch of coffee bar with happy barista. £2

Concept sketch of Skal character. Watercolour, pencil £10

Ghost visions. RPG scene. Watercolour, pencil, gouache. £45

Concept sketch of a character for my old story Nebo. Watercolour, pencil. £20

And I believe that will be it for a while. Need to actually get them properly sorted for the homepage. I sense a lot of work...

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