Sunday, 5 July 2009

BnM Stand Alone Splash page rough!

W00t! Here's my very first rough layout of a splash page for Butterflies and Moths.

EDIT: Added a rough tone-tester on top. Will kill off the green outside in the final version. Also make the inside darker. Thinking of cold colours a the moment, but we'll see if that changes.

Also pondering vignettes.


  1. Ohhh lovely.

    Cold colours look great... but really like the green colour outside too.

  2. Really? Like the green? Hmm. Might think before killing it off.. :D

  3. It looks beautiful! Really fab!

    Though I agree about killing off the green. It distracts from the woman. I like the idea that she's the only thing there with a colour change. :)

  4. Thanks!

    Yeah, that was my original plan, but then I thought: aw, hell, let's try splashing on some green since it's a rough anyway.