Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Occupational Wrist Support review (in progress)


So I finally got my two wrist supports that I ordered from:

Here's the box!

Getting them on was very easy, and I was surprised at what a perfect fit they were. Apparently my wrists are Medium in size. (If you're buying a pair, don't forget to measure around your wrist!)

Here's what they look like from a few different angles.

As you probably can see, they are... quite thick around the wrist area, which I was worried might get in the way of drawing. So far, I've only experienced a bit of difficulty typing on the computer.

There's no problems at all holding a pencil. Which is GOOD :P

And hey! I can even have my pencils on me! Like an artist ninja. :D
... Or am I getting a little bit too nerdy now.

Here's the first sketch done with the supports.

Only concerns so far is that the area around my thumbs might start to itch or something. Going to keep these things on all day, so we'll see what happens.

Will also attempt to paint with them on.

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