Saturday, 13 April 2013

Elysia: 86% funded with 10 days to go!

Woop! Both me and Serena are extremely humbled by all the support we've been getting for our Elysia kickstarter and we are edging closer to our target as each day passes! There's still a bit to go, but with more people sharing and pledging we'll have a greater chance of living our dream :D

Now, if you read one of my previous blog posts on the subject (more specifically: this one), you may remember me talking about another comic-related announcement. I've kept a bit quiet about it for a while due to nervously watching our kickstarter (while chewing my nails off), and I didn't feel like I should start shouting about comics unless the kickstarter proved that people were happy to support something I was part of.

I think it's pretty clear now that a few of you out there like Elysia (thank you!) and if everything works out, I will be drawing comics for a living. My main project will (obviously) be Elysia, but I will finally have the time to focus on another comic on the side:

(Chapter 1, Page 2)
Page 3 is on my desk right now, staring at me longingly :D
If you want to know more about Skal, pop over here:

Love you peeps! Stay classy <3

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  1. I love the typeface you've used for the title and I'm really curious as to the story! Wishing you a wonderful career!