Friday, 29 March 2013

Elysia is 33% Funded in FOUR days! How amazeballs are you lot!?

To all of you who shared and pledged to our Elysia Kickstarter Project, thank you so much! It's been a crazy few days and both me and Serena have been absolutely delighted with all the support we've been getting so far!

If you haven't pledged and you may be thinking about it, remember that the £10 pledge will get you an invite to our launch party in London (along with a PDF copy of the first Elysia book)! So that's a tenner for free food and drinks AND the comic! Not bad, eh!? So help us out and we'll throw you an awesome shebang to say thank you <3

Lots of love from Elysia~

Oh and: finally, remember to be good this Easter... You never know who might be watching you..

Monday, 25 March 2013


Hi lovely people!

You may have noticed a distinct lack of updates for a whole -month- here. Now trust me, that wasn't because I was on some kind of holiday or just being lazy... There were things happening behind the scenes. Many things!

And it was all launched this morning!

The Elysia Kickstarter!

I have teamed up with Serena Obhrai, the writer and creator of Elysia, to illustrate an epic graphic novel in glorious full colour! You can find out more information about it by clicking the link above (plus there's a video showing us both talking about it!).

But this is a really huge step for me on a personal level. If you've followed my autobiographical webcomic Jenspiration, you'll probably be familiar with my own struggle to be a full time graphic novel artist along with paying the bills.

This kickstarter, if successful, would basically mean that I would earn a WAGE like a normal person while doing comic book work for a living! And I mean, PROPERLY for a living, not scraping by with a part time job and illustration commissions on the side to avoid slipping into debt. So yeah, this is pretty big.

In perhaps a week or so if the kickstarter seems to be doing alright, I'll have another comic related announcement for you! But I'll hold off for now due to this being so fresh and, really, anything can happen in the coming 29 days...

Love you guys, and stay classy! <3