Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My art used by some lovelies:

First up is Benji Bartlett who creates magic with his music! He busks locally here in Bath and can be contacted on facebook if you're curious about his music (or even want to get hold of his cd!).

Then we have the online browser game The Grail Lords http://www.thegraillords.net/ which is created by Gerard Vanmaercke during his spare time. He very politely contacted me to see if he'd be allowed to use a certain thief sketch for a part of his game which involves gambling. I really appreciate it when people ask to use my art (you'd be amazed how seldom that happens on the internet), so of course my thief shall be part of his game!

There we go! In other news: Very busy with my two main comic projects (Elysia and Clockwork Watch). I have had to put Skal on ice due to the sheer workload with the other two comics, but after November I will pick it up again and cradle it forever and ever and ever ;)

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