Wednesday, 23 May 2012

May: Month of Madness! Part 2.

The Month of Madness continued with:

'Bristol Expo 2012'!

The second weekend of May had one of the comic conventions I now try to attend on a regular basis! And this year was no exception. Me, Corey and Yomi had a table in the Old Brunel Station where we were trying to fit all my stuff, all Coreys stuff AND the Clockwork Watch stuff onto one table!

This video is from the Sunday morning:

Lots and lots happened at this convention, but I will try and keep it brief and just go through some key events! Except the usual talking non-stop for like 10 hours each day, I was also part of my first ever panels, one for Clockwork Watch together with Corey Brotherson and Yomi Ayeni, and the other was part of Bayou Arcana with the majority of the other creators!

Corey, Me and Yomi during our Clockwork Watch panel.

One part of the Bayou Arcana panel! Need more photos of this because were were so many people :O!

We were interviewed about Clockwork Watch by the lovely character that is Jimmy Aquino of Comic News Insider:

To listen to the interview, go here: Comic News Insider Episode 402
Our bit starts at about 56 minutes in.

Here's our pose after the interview:

Sold a whole bunch of stuff at our table throughout the weekend! Including Skal, Bayou Arcana, The Arrival, Magic Of Myths (Corey's book!) and lots of prints! (If you wanna have a look at some of the stuff that was for sale, pop to my shop: Jen's lil comic shop!)

Got penguin chocolate biscuits from Lovely Lee!
So all in all, it was a great success!

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