Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Skal comes ONLINE!

Ladies and Gents!
I made a decision a while back to bring Skal to the online world as well as print. It was a tough one, but one particular talk by Neil Gaiman really won me over and finally made me decide that it was a really good idea.

Take the time if you can to listen to this 4 minute talk by Neil Gaiman on why it is beneficial for both the creator and the audience to put your work up on the internet for all to see.

So, I've spent a little bit of time making a site for Skal where I've now published the Prologue, free to read. And I will be putting up my Chapter One pages as and when they are finished. So instead of having to wait for me to finish 57 pages and print it, you can actually follow the story online as I paint it. It won't be to the same deadlines as a regular webcomic, like 'Updated every Monday - Wednesday - Friday' kind of thing, but instead it will be updated as soon as I'm done with each page in my own time. Don't want to scrimp on quality because of stress :)

I'll also be posting process pictures on this blog (there are some sketches in an older blog post), so if you're curious, you can see a page being made from start to finish :D

The site itself still needs finetuning. There's a lot of little bits that I have to work on. Like making the comic navigation prettier and also displaying the print option much more clearly on the side while you read the comic, so you're always aware that you -can- buy this book in print if you like it and want to support me.

ANYWHOOO. Enough ramblage! Here is the site!



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