Thursday, 15 March 2012

Jen is open for commissions again!

Good day to you! *blows dust off the blog*
I have just finished two major book deadlines (more about that later!) and am now taking on illustration commissions as I update my schedule.

In this blog post I thought I'd explain a little bit about what it's like for writers to ask me for help with some designs and paintings.
I've been asked to do things like covers, character portraits, full character designs and scenes from their story.

One example is the lovely Katy O'Dowd who first needed some help to visualize her characters for a book, so she sent me a short description and allowed me to do the rest.

A character design like this helped her during her writing process. Since she explains it all better herself, I decided to just ask her a few questions!

What made you want to commission an illustrator?
"I write to pictures, whatever I can find, usually off the internet or something I pick up on my travels - postcards, and so on. But sometimes there is just nothing out there to suit, so that's what made me seek out an illustrator."

Had you commissioned one before me, or was this your first time?
It was my first time, I popped my writer/illustrator cherry with Jen! I liked it so much I did it again - twice! (so far)

In what ways can you imagine an illustrator being able to help you out as a writer?
It's very inspirational having an image to look at when you write, and when an illustrator has done it to your own specifications it is exceptionally helpful. For example, having a picture of your character the exact way you imagine them can really help when writing them in different situations.

Cover for The Lady Astronomer, written by Katy O'Dowd and coming out in May.

Many thanks to Katy for allowing me to blog the pictures! If you're curious about her, please check out:

Her site:
Her twitter - Click meee!
Her facebook - Click me!

And her other book which is out now:
The Scarlet Ribbon
(It's also in Waterstones and other bookshops!)

If you'd like to have a chat with me, just send me an email: jennie.gyllblad[AT]
Or check out my site:


  1. love the detalis on her clothes! and the second painting is WOW!!! love it <3

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