Monday, 19 March 2012

Clockwork Watch: The Arrival cover!

I've been itching to show this ever since it was completed a few days ago, and here it is!
The cover for The Arrival, a Steampunk story set in Victorian inspired London. This is the first book of three, which shows early Steampunk. How it all began...
It follows the Ranbir family, and especially little Janav. :D

You can pre-order the first comic which is all prepped and will go to print very soon, by going here:

It's all in full colour and has been hand painted by yours truly.


  1. If only I had the money..

    Well done, Jen. The fact that it was drawn and then hand painted by you as well~ just makes it even more amazing than it already is.

  2. lovely! the indian family look so good!

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