Friday, 30 December 2011

Bayou Arcana gets some coverage!

Wow! I'm back from the Christmas break in Wales and immediately find out that the anthology I'm illustrating a short story for has been getting some attention!

I speak of course of Bayou Arcana!

Here's the article about it in the Guardian: Click Me!

One of my pages in progress was actually featured in the paper copy of the newspaper:
Click me for the full size newspaper article scan!
(Check out the top right of the article) Here's the full size version of that page:

Aaaand this morning I saw that MTV Geek did a piece on it as well: Click Me!

If you're curious as to what this is all about, have a peek at my progress posts on this blog: Bayou Arcana artwork

How exciting!


  1. Yay!
    Bayou Arcana's gonna be fun stuff! Got so many talented artists and writers creating stories for the anthology. I'll put updates here on the blog as usual when I've got them ;D