Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Reason for silence: Thoughtbubble prep and sending off Skal!

Heya peeps!
Been a bit quiet on the blog-front recently. But here's one of the reasons:

I'm gonna be at this year's Thoughtbubble Convention in Leeds! I'll be sharing a table with my partner in comic-crime, Corey Brotherson. We'll have sweets and my little lucky bird, so be sure to come say hi!

Oh. And I'll be selling this:

Blurry photo. :D I was up late last night signing the new prints.

VERY excited about Thoughtbubble as I've never been there before and I've heard such good things about it! I've also never been so far up north in the UK (yes, I need to do more travelling...)

Now, another reason for my blog silence is this:

This is just a little blurry selection of the doodles I've been doing for the people buying my first special edition of Skal Prologue!

After some issues with the boarded envelopes (as explained in my previous blog entry), I finally managed to send off all of my pre-ordered copies! I've still got some left, so if you fancy a copy, just click the link above. :)

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