Thursday, 24 November 2011

Comic book cover progress~ The painting begins.


  1. This looks so great Jen!! :D :D
    Even when I soak my paper and gum tape it down, it still pulls away as it dries and goes all wavy! :( how do you get yours so nice? x x

  2. I use thick watercolour paper and gumstrip it down to an MDF board. It will buckle and go wavy while its wet, but once it dries completely it flattens itself out. As long as you leave it on the board and don't start cutting it off while its damp :)

    How do you tape yours down?

  3. I use thick paper too but I'm not sure what type my gum strip is, it's just gum strip. It's quite wide though. I tape mine to a really thick board. It's always nice and flat while its wet, but the next morning there's always a wave in it, then when I start painting it gets worse and worse until I might aswell not have stretched it! Bah. Just practise I suppose. I heard stapling on top of the gum strip works well, I'll give that a go.

    Your updated scan of this looks great btw! :D

  4. I never pre-stretch my paper by wetting it or anything like that. I instead just take my paper and gum it down to the board, wait for it to dry and then start painting. I've never needed to staple.

    I only buy gum strip from the local art shop, so I know its the proper deal ;D

    Do you use watercolour paper? I'm thinking it sounds like the paper is playing up..

  5. this is amazing work man!!! awestruck!