Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Skal prologue has arrived!

I am just stupidly excited right now! Sorry for all the spammy updates on the blog today. A lot coming together at the same time.

My mockup copy of Skal Prologue arrived through the post!

If you fancy a copy, follow this link: Skal Prologue Pre-Order


  1. OOoooooooooooo shiny! Always exciting getting to actually hold it in your hands! :)

  2. Yes! it's so different to actually see it in PRINT. :D

  3. That feeling you have when you first flicked through it? Pride. :)

  4. I've been following you here for a while now, and now I finally have to leave my very first comment, because that looks fantastic. I love all the colors and the way the pages come together, and I don't even care much about comics. Seeing this makes me strangely excited, and now I need to go get things done as well :D

  5. Thank you :D
    I have to say that it feels great to actually see a 'finished product' from all the months of work. But this is only the beginning! It's the 'Prologue' afterall. I intend to release chapters of Skal after this and they will be much longer than the mere 20ish pages of this prologue. >:D

  6. YAAAAAAY!! I can't wait until my pre-ordered copy comes through my door!! :D