Saturday, 16 July 2011

Home from the market!

Had a brilliant time at my first market stall in Bath! I didn't expect to sell a thing, but in the end I did portraits of both kids and adults!
Should've taken more photos, but I was just so immersed in it all that I not only forgot to take pictures of my stall and my customers, but I also forgot to eat (which got the better of me in the afternoon).

I got one photo though! Here's a lovely gent who wanted his portrait done as a birthday card to his dad. :)

Here's a practice portrait I did of my dear friend El:

And here's just a lil doodle to show what it was like to do portraits of kids. I did four kids in total. These two got my chairs while I sat on the floor, but about 10 seconds later they had joined me on the market floor to look at the sketch. Incredibly cute!

Already discussed with the market organizer about coming back next Saturday. I hope I get the same stall!


  1. Love the doodle

  2. Thank you :D That's what it felt like to me!