Friday, 15 July 2011

"Fancy a portrait in 10 minutes?" First market experience coming up!

Hello my darlings! You may wonder why the heck I've been so quiet on the blog this past week or so. No real big paintings and graphic novel pages.

Well, here's one of the reasons:

I'm going to try setting up a little market stall in my town Bath and offer portraits and prints to the market-goers. The organizers of the Saturday farmers market in Green Park Station have kindly reserved a space for me to give it a shot! So I'll be there tomorrow morning from 9am until around 1pm when the other stalls begin packing up.

This is very much an experiment to see if people are interested in quick portraits and artist prints. If not, I'll at least have a morning of sketching outside while eating cake. ;D

If you fancy poking me, this is what my stall will look like:

It's going to be opposite the antique-shop and close to the Brasserie. Can't miss it when you walk into the station, really..!

Exciting stuff!

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