Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fantasy cover: First tester of type!

This is me experimenting ;D


  1. That looks fab :)
    Why don't you try a full layout? I always find the most fun thing about covers is the interaction with the spine and back cover too. Playing with how an image can cross over on to the back. It could make one image when opened out but also another when the front is isolated from the rest. I'm just babbling probably. But it makes a massive difference when you take into consideration the whole cover :D
    Have fun! X

  2. Oh yeah! I remember that from Uni. One project was to design an entire dustjacket. So you'd even have the inside flaps to play with.

    I thought I'd start off quite simple though, with just a front over, but I definitely want to try out entire full jackets.. If that's how you say it?