Sunday, 24 April 2011

Japanese inspired commission: Linework.

No, the entire thing doesn't fit in my scanner. It took me four separate scans to get this image on the computer and the top still has a bit missing :P


  1. Jenspiration is an awesome name. I like your drawing.

  2. Hmm, wouldn't it be more suitable with a brush drawing the kanji instead of a feather pen? Love the drawing though.
    ( and I'll definitely buy a copy of Skal if you get it printed. Can't wait ^_^ )

  3. Hey Jen, you know I love your work and this is also looking really good. The only thing I can see is the foot (the one higher up) has no corresponding knee placement in the fabric. Ignore this comment if that is going to be rectified in the painting process.

  4. Ooo, good point Ida! XD I hadn't thought of that. Been very obsessed with feathers. Ah well, it's Japanese INSPIRED, so I'll get away with anything by saying that XD
    (Yay thanks :D)

    Nalot - It is something I am planning to include in the painting :) When I stop being scared of actually getting started with it.

  5. Aah yes, the fear of paint... I knw it well, it is my nemesis.

    Looking forward to seeing the colour version :)