Saturday, 23 April 2011

Bayou Arcana: Example of watercolour process.

Here's how I painted Page 2 of Bayou Arcana in stages:


  1. Wow, great to see the process develop here, i'm an artist and a writer but always kept separately and I wish i'd done illustration or something instead of straight art at uni to work the two together. Your projects look really interesting!

  2. Hi!
    It's quite difficult to show proper process when I'm working on a big wooden board that I can't just plonk in the scanner, so all the shots up until the final are always a lil bit blurry and lacking in detail, but at least it gives people an idea of how I tend to structure my paintings :)

    David Mack is an example of someone incorporating Fine Art into comics and graphic novels. You don't -have- to be illustrative. That's the beauty of comics. You can tell a story however you want :D