Saturday, 23 April 2011

After a lot of discussion and advice-seeking from writer-friends...

... I have seriously decided to grab Skal by the horns and do it properly.

It all came from a late night discussion with my partner about the uncertainty of creating graphic novels and short stories for print in today's economic climate. It's very difficult to actually make a living out of it, and creating a long story often takes years without any payment. Investing time in long projects that might not even pay the printing costs at the end is a big gamble! But I've kinda been doing pages of Skal on the side of paying work for months without too much disruption, and not seriously thought about it as a proper project.

Until partner said:

"Why don't YOU create a graphic novel yourself Jen?"

So! After consulting some writer friends (thanks guys!) I have now seriously decided to attempt to make Skal a story for print.

This would mean that I would sit down and iron out the story, the dialogue, the setting, the characters, the PACING (my weakness!), and then paint my pages without a weekly deadline.

The idea would be to release the entire first chapter and prologue in one go online, to avoid that break in flow when reading.

So, all of this means that the Skal bits you've seen will be redone, restructured and re-painted. I'm also having them proof-read by people who know how to create graphic novels XD

I'm very excited by this and will post my usual progress shots on the blog.
Just want to take the opportunity to thank the people who read Skal and send lots of love out to you people who've been so supportive and nice to me :D <3

Big Jen Hugs!


  1. Go Go Power JenJen! *woooshh!*
    Do expect some future e-mails though XD

  2. Ha, no probs ;) "My body is ready"

  3. Yay! Go for it Jen! There's always kickstarter to help you out with funding later on! ( inspiring stuff!)

  4. You'll do great!! Wishing you the best, and while I doubt I can offer any actual help, I'll gladly try if you want another source :D

  5. Woot, some seriousness.. and stuffs! Good luck with it, Jen. And really, can't wait to see some new things coming from you. :D

  6. Thank you Andrew! Sorry I JUST noticed this comment! So a late reply :(

  7. I love Skal! Looking forward to every new page!