Sunday, 6 March 2011

Cake and Hat art!

Yeah, this is kinda arty so it's gonna go on my art blog! :P

My attempt at Swedish cream-birthday cake! I grew up on this stuff.


First layer consisted of fresh berries and banana, mashed together.

Second layer is a mix of raspberry jam and whipped cream.

Forgot to take a photo of what's underneath the cream on the last layer. It's thin slices of banana.

Cover everything with whipped cream! IT'S GOOD FOR YOU.

Almost done. The dark brown things are Minstrels. The fudge sauce hearts were fail as the sauce got everywhere :( You'll see soon..

More minstrels..!

And this was the cake pretty much done! It went into the fridge overnight where the fudge sauce rebelled. >:(

Bad photo, but you can see how the sauce has just ruined the top! So for future ref: Don't use toffee fudge thingey sauce.

Aaaand my pope-birthday-hat to Tom:

The morning Tom before coffee xD

The late night Tom after food and games. :D

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  1. hehehe Happy Birthday Tom!

    that cake looks delish!!!!