Wednesday, 19 January 2011

On site quick sketching: Bath Cats and Dogs Home.

Here are some sketches from the dog shelter. As you'll notice by the quality, they're not particularly brilliant, but having a dog sit still for you to sketch it is... easier said than done :P

I did get some treats to feed them from one of the carers (thank you!).

Amy the husky cross (I think). Very docile and quiet in her kennel. Only managed to get her nose before she moved to the back of her room.

Hah :D Rory the terrier sitting outside on a tyre.

Jimmy the staffie was actually the dog who sat still the longest for me. What a sweetie!
And below him are the ears of Luther.

Oops. This one was done later, not at site. But anyway, it's Sandy (Sandie?). She was so playful!

Oh, and this is... A bunny. As you can see. :P

A badly sketched Shadow. She moved so much :D

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