Friday, 5 November 2010

Jen's studio!

Welcome to my workplace!

It changes on a daily basis. :P I have loads of a4 cheap copy paper with rough sketches everywhere (as you can see up on the boards). They spread around the room (and sometimes the house :P) which isn't really appreciated.

A French watercolour storybook, held open by my favourite potato vodka.

Charles Vess' book to the left of my computer. (with some commissioned chibi ninjas... o_O)

Opaque thick medium to the left. Oil and Acrylics. Inks, chinese watercolour and gouache on the right in the little spice-rack thingey. 'Wetbox' on the bottom by the covered up monitor. Basically my set of watercolour that is kept wet at all times, using a pipette.

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