Tuesday, 30 November 2010

First sketches from the dog shelter:

It's very difficult to sketch outside right now because of the brutal cold, but I did manage to quickly get two dogs down:

If you're curious as to why I'm sketching dogs in kennels, have a look at my latest reportage project:

First visit to Bath's Cats and Dogs Home.

and the follow up: Second visit.

Just blogging everything right now and planning on creating a little reportage around it after I've spent some time there. So once the drawings and paintings start coming, I'll post here. :)


  1. hi, i'm Giang and i'm come from Viet Nam^^
    i like your drawing and painting so much.
    two dogs in your drawing are very great ...

  2. Hi Giang!

    Thank you very much for the compliments :D

    There will be more dogs coming up, I'm sure. I go to a local dog-shelter to draw them :)

  3. Love it - remind me to get you in front of my favourite dog at the home - for the next two Saturdays he will be with me in the office - I'd love to commission you a sketch for me to buy ♥

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  5. Sure thing! Which dog is it? Is he on the site? :)

    When's a good time for me to come over? (I'll be gone this week to London and things, but Saturday the 11th I'm free!)

  6. Hi, I just stumbled across your images on google. You get such a depth of feeling from your sketches - they are great. Would you be willing to consider a commission? Regards Christine (uniphoengon@yahoo.co.uk)

  7. Hi Jennie,
    Your paintings are amazing. I saw on this sketch the name Freya. Are you one girl that went sometime at Lençóis - Chapada Diamantina/Bahia - Brazil?
    Best regards!