Sunday, 31 October 2010

A weekend of waiting.

This weekend has been spent doing many other things than art (gasp!).
Practicing how to paint my face, being one of them:
(I'm a noob with make up, but want to learn the skill)

And here's this week's Skal, still in progress. I really am living on the edge.


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  2. Cor Jen, d'you have a nice big A3 scanner then?? *drools*
    It's lookin' good, and you are too btw! :D
    I'm not much for a made up face either, I only use the eye stuff occasionally, for specials.. What's brought on this sudden need for extra femininity? lol!

  3. No no, I have an A4 scanner. I dream of an A3 one, but they cost thouusaaands of pounds. Gah.

    Thank you! XD
    I just want to be able to actually apply makeup for any future occasions, like graduation, tribal belly dance, parties etc. :)
    Most of the time I can't be bothered tho, as I'm sure you've noticed during the three year course :P