Friday, 1 October 2010

First test of BnM type.

We're prepping the first chapter of Butterflies and Moths for the convention in Birmingham. It was only about 2 days ago I actually realized we had no title on the cover(!) Reason why it had been left out was a remnant of its past in Insomnia Publications, where originally an inhouse graphic designer takes care of the typography on the cover etc. Now, I'm taking on that role -as well- and most graphic designers/typographic people would probably cringe at the way I do things.

But anyway. Here's a first draft of the type. It still needs spacing out I think, and the colour needs to actually match the illustration.

See this as a temporary solution ;P


  1. I love your watercolors so much. The color pallet on this one is fab. the way you did the edges is my favorite, like an old book page.

  2. Thank you :D Some of the edges is a dry brush. The wetter the watercolour, the more chaotic it becomes. Which is fun, but also kind of unpredictable :D