Thursday, 2 September 2010

Explorer in a teacup. Sketch.

I'm currently doing at least two steampunk ladies who are involved with tea and coffee. Here's a sketch of one of them:


  1. Small crit,
    Because of the length of her face it looks as though her head is supposed to be angled slightly away from us right?
    The angle of the eye and amount of nose/eye lips we can see however looks as though its a profile view, these two elements sort of conlict each other so her face is somewhat distorted.
    From the looks of it she needs her cheek and side of her face to overlap her features, maybe seeing more of the jaw behind the ear too. Also the shape of the eye would be different as it's turned away from us. You feelin me? I'll draw something up if you want?

  2. I know wha'cha mean :) Thanks dude.

    Let's call it a stylistic choice. *get out of Jail Free card*