Thursday, 29 July 2010

Moved house! No internet! But getting back to work.

W00t! Moved house and slowly getting my ass in gear.

Here are some linedrawings of characters that will be pencil-rendered for my portfolio.

Should be getting internet next week. Until then, I update sporadically (ie: when I can steal internet from somewhere)


  1. Dad likes the third chap, and let out a laugh when he saw him. He also said you're better than the csm graduates from my course :P

    Hope you're finding Bath nice and homey :P !
    (Dad: 'Of course it's nice, people travel round the world to see it!')

  2. Yay! thank you my dearies! :D

    You're more than welcome to come visit. It's even one stop earlier on the train from London-land.

    If your dad likes the thief, check out the latest post where I rendered him :P

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