Tuesday, 20 July 2010

EDITED: First scan of Chapter 1 cover.

This image has been stitched together by using two separate scans. I hope it doesn't show.

Consider this my 'safety scan incase I mess up from here on'


Decided to spend 30 seconds just slapping on the rough type to see what it would look like :D For fun.

Wondering how big I should make the type. And if I should paint it.< Hm. Decisions decisions.


  1. The type could do with being a bit bolder, I reckon Jen.
    At the moment with all the lovely brushy strokes in the actual image, the visible strokes in the title are kinda confusing and seem a tad too busy..
    You could possibly make a vector image of the title in Photoshop or Illustrator, then it'll be all clean lined with no horrible pixels!

  2. Oh yes! That type was very rough, so I just filled it in with a small ink pen xD

    To see a watercolour version with the cover, go to the top entry!