Saturday, 26 June 2010

Outdoor painting to relax.

Just doodling for fun. Nothing else. :)

Also bought my first kit of oil paints, so will be giving that a go very soon!


  1. wonderfully loose and free quality -
    I love the top one and I particularly like the bottom painting too.
    what a happy find!!!
    - watercolour is so difficult sometimes as once it's on it's there, you've made your mark! but it's lovely to work with.

  2. Watercolour is very chaotic and very freeing, I find :D

    There's no point in being scared or worrying. You just slap it on and watch it go a bit mad on the paper.

  3. wow nice blog hope u would like to visit mine also

  4. I'd recognise that beard anywhere! :D loving the looseness of the outdoor ones, they feel like you were very happy :D x