Wednesday, 17 March 2010

EDITED ON BOTTOM. Lettering for the very first time!

I fear my lettering-virginity has now been claimed by Adobe Illustrator!

These are my very first attempts at lettering and testing out one potential font. I will be doing the speech bubbles 'by hand', so ignore how perfect and round those elipses look. Grr.

Not sure if that header is even going to be on that page. I might ask to draw a Chapter1 Intro picture.

I know white on black is like DEATH for the cornea, but hey ;D

Skipping page 2-3 due to them not being finished...

Still in Angelica thought mode. Also trying to use semi transparent balloons to make it gentler on the eyes.

Jumping to page 6 where I've got my first issue! :D The dialogue doesn't currently fit on the last panel (it spills out), so I've got to sort that out somehow.

Lettering is actually REALLY FUN.


Here's two of the pages without the black line around the balloons.
(keep in mind I still havent fixed the issue with the dialogue on the last panel)


  1. OOOH Lookin' good!

    Yeaa the semi-transparent balloons are helping! Because we could still see a bit of your art work underneath it, and transparency lets the art breathe..

    The font seems a bit too fun/bubbly...

  2. Thanks Pearlie! <3

    Font is still a bit too cartoony, yeah?

    Hm. Need to find the perfect font! GAH.

  3. Semi transperancy is good - but i'd loose the thin black lines around the bubbles/block etc.

    Also, if its going to be hand written, you could type it all out in font of choice; get all spacing etc issues sorted out; and then just trace with hand ... gives really nice tidy but hand drawn look.

  4. That's one of the things I can't do. The hand writing part. :/ I can 'hand draw' (Wacom tablet) the actual balloons to make them less perfect, but the text needs to be completely digital.

    You think I should get rid of the thin black line? :D Is it distracting or does it just look too smooth and bad?

  5. Mithi! I added two edited versions without the black outline. See what you think.

  6. The black line distracts from your painterly quality - we've had this discussion before - you have a couple of images where you outlined things with pen, and they don't quite work as well as the non oulined ones ... I think your edited images look MUCH better with no line.

    This font looks nice - quite hand written...

  7. I have to agree with Mithi on this one - losing the black line around the bubbles = awesome sauce!