Friday, 12 February 2010


Zomg, hi!

Sorry about the silent blog. I've only JUST been able to get back to work at Uni after a forced break when examiners came in to have a look.

As well as doing two paintings of Venice (need to take photos...!), I am also doing two commissioned pieces of fantasy characters. Started painting them today, so it's still early days.

It's strange to actually draw character with full on scenes behind them. Hrm. Believe it or not, I'm really not used to it yet, and I'm supposed to be painting a whole graphic novel ;D

Here's a photo of the other painting. Still have a loooot of work to do..

Hope I dont mess it up.

Also, been sending off 6 roughs of the graphic novel pages and receiving feedback these past two days.

Here's an example of a rough:


Sorry it's a bit lacking in... proper paintings here. I will be taking photos and scanning as soon as I get some stuff done :P

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