Monday, 4 January 2010

Page 13, first colour.

Page in progress!

No real work has been done on the merry-go-round in the foreground yet. I have to research rust a bit to make it believable.


  1. Really good stuff as always, Jen - what I think is particularly great is the way you've bordered the panels using Angel's smoke to break and link the panels themselves. Awesome :D

  2. >:D
    Flattening them right now, then I'll tape them down again and continue painting. Saw a link about Bristol Comic con. GAaaah! Need to get something done for that!

  3. as always, I love your art.
    bristol comic con? whosawotsit? there's a comic con in england? I don't suppose you have a link do you?

  4. There are tons of comic cons in the UK :D I go to the Small Press ones that focus on Indie and alternative comics.

    Here's one link:

  5. Ah! And Paul Gravett keeps a very good list of Comic events in the UK. Have a look if curious. Bristol comic con is on there too.

  6. Oops, took me a little while to get back to you. thanks for the links! I want a superhero (DC) focused comic con to go to :D

    I'll have a look through the urls you gave.