Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Most things are sort of taped down at the moment.

Stayed at Uni until around 1am yesterday and this morning I'm rewriting bits of my dissertation. I can hand it in as it is, but I'll try to get a higher mark. Too bad I can't remember how to use InDesign now :D


Rough of page 12. Being cleaned up now.

Paint of Angelica which has been cut out at Uni and attached to page 16. Might be able to scan that tonight depending on how much I get done.

Faint background sketch of page 18. Currently being painted at Uni. Will also have the Ow Ow Migraine Angelica cut out and attached to it. We'll see how it goes :P

My updates will have to happen quite late at night or the morning after due to Uni internet not allowing FTP access. Poop.


  1. I can see the plastic on the floor! :D

    Poor Angel :(


  2. I think her arm looks painfully straight on that picture. :x