Tuesday, 1 December 2009

First day in London, baybeh!

Dearest blog! I shall be in London until Friday, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to update everyday with sketches (that includes the portraits). So even though I'll obviously will be doing the portraits, I'll prolly have to upload them all when I get back home on Friday evening.

But I was lucky enough to be allowed to scan my sketches from my first visit to the natural history Museum :D Thank you El for lending your computer to me! <3

Here's some sketches..! Some of them.. Errr. Quite rubbish, but it's educational. Also didn't clean them up one bit in Photoshop. Anyway..!


  1. You put the T Rex up woohoo :) And the birdie needs his name!

  2. (or should I say.... In-deed.)

  3. In-deed. *nodnodnod*


    Kuma-bird got his name on the forums. I'll leave him mysterious here.


  4. These are really great and I love the dodo bird! Really cool and unique style!