Monday, 30 November 2009

Sniffing glue all day messes with your head!

So, today I was helping out with our fundraiser and did some pop up cards. This inevitably meant I had to use a lot of glue.

In an unventilated studio.

Which is very small.


In the end, I just did some other xmas cards that I don't really think will sell :D
:D :D

I'm 24. I promise.


  1. I can see that the top 2 and the bottom right is a bit... dodgy, but the owl? is this one supposed to be a body part or something? cant see anything dodgy in it..

  2. I couldn't be bothered to edit out the owl. :P I scanned it together with the others.

    Don't worry! There is nothing dodgy with the Owl :D I'm not that perverted.

    ... >:D

  3. You're... not... perverted? 4chan says otherwise. And by the way. They want their queen back. /Sami

  4. Bottom right - bought by me for my husband (coz he wanted it!) .... he thinks you're funny :D