Tuesday, 3 November 2009

BnM: Kitchen, atmosphere painting.

This is good practice (and lots of fun).

Out of curiosity though, which one do you prefer, colour wise?


  1. what a cool panel !!
    I personally prefer the first one, it's more moody, creepy and atmospherical :)

  2. DROOOOOL! I do love this.

    In terms of preference, it totally depends on scale and what you're going to use it for. If its going to be a smaller panel in a larger page it needs to be the last.
    If its supposed to act as a mood setter big, both work really well, I personally like the first, it just comes off as more complex in terms of colour consideration, the second is almost a little too washed out with the blue, although the mood is more striking because of that. GARH! ( I sound so bossy. sowry D': )

  3. Love both, but the first one is a real gut-puncher in terms of mood and atmosphere. Just how I like it! :P

  4. I like the first one better.. however the second one is more plausible with the blue light and laptop (as most laptops emitts blue light in a dark room)

  5. interesting to hear different views :D I'm playing around with colour balance in Photoshop. It's a nice way of discovering a new colour palette. *nodnodnod*

    *Jen's painting gut-punches Corey for 34904934 damage!*

  6. *Corey faints!*
    *Jen's level increases to 49!*