Monday, 23 November 2009

BnM. Experimentation continues.

Remember my failed self portrait? --> This one.

It was when I learned my ink pen doesn't stay permanent but instead will bleeeeed when watercolour is applied on top.

So. With this image..

...I decided to run with it a bit.

I don't think that this particular version will be used on the page in the graphic novel, but it's helping me figure out how to tackle the colouring in the future.

fun times!


  1. I really like it - love the intensity of the colours to match the image. To be honest, if you used a technique like this in the book, as a single panel, it would really stand out because of the different style and punch home the impact of Angel's pain, I reckon... :D

  2. *nodnod* We'll see how the rest of the page looks. Wouldn't want it to stand out in a bad way :D

  3. I really like it. very emotional.

  4. I do like it too, is your pen running this time? doesn't appear so obvious if it is. If it is, it only adds to the chaos in the picture :)

  5. thanks :D

    And yes, it's running. Reason I thought I'd use it :D
    It's only runny where I've applied water on top. Like... On the hair.. and around her shaky hand.

  6. my reaction: Ouch! Looks really painful :(

  7. Thats Crackin that is!

  8. Pearl - Good! It's meant to be :D