Wednesday, 18 November 2009

BnM. Chapter 1 Cover (later progress)

Woop! My cover was accepted by the higher-ups in the company!
Apparently I'm the first artist to do my own book cover, so am feeling very chuffed.

Here's some progress on it. I'm scanning it several times between painting, just to be sure to have a copy if I mess it up.

Also. Slightly strange feeling today as me and my buddy walked along on the street and were recognized as 'the people who're into comics' by a stranger who handed us indy-comic leaflets. We are apparently known faces at forbidden planet.

Should I be happy or scared? XD


  1. congratulations!!! *applause*
    im happy for youuuuuu :D

    and I reckon you should be scared, because he might be a potential stalker! lol

  2. Thank yooou! :D

    ... Potential stalker? o_O Never had any IRL ones before. *hides under desk*